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The reasons for the drop-out of computer science or information technology studies in higher education and how to overcome it.

Today we live in a digital age where almost everything we do involve technology in a way or other. Technology, especially Information Technology, have grown leaps and bounds in the recent past that even a one-year-old baby knows how to play and use a smart device like a smartphone. More or less, every field of life requires some knowledge and hands-on experience in tech. 

Hence for a school-leaving youngster, particularly following the IT stream, there are many opportunities for higher education choices for a better future. However, in countries like India, people have less access to technology owing to many reasons (not in their control). As a result, even though students dreamt of a stable IT career (one of the highest paying job fields in the world), most drop out and decide to choose a different study path.

When I sat down and put more effort into researching the reasons for this discontinuation by young people, I found the following data-driven facts:

  • Computer Science or Information Technology is one of the strong majors to pursue in higher studies. It requires a lot of hard work and perseverance to complete any course related to it. So, students who don’t want to put in the time and effort, tend to go towards the majors that are relatively easier for them.
  • Younger generations (born in the 21st century) are less interested in anything that they have to spend a lot of time studying, practising and using, which are not unexpected as the young prioritizes things much differently.
  • Young students with reduced mathematical and logical skills find it difficult to understand programming, which leads to disappointments and drop-outs.
  • Most students lack knowledge about various choices in Information Technology to continue higher studies. As a result, confusion arises about career options and non-technical subjects are chosen.

These are only a few of many reasons that lead to dropping out by scholars. The motive of this article is not to dwell on reasons but to discuss possible solutions for reducing the drop-out rate and guide young minds through various career options in Information Technology, such that they can make an informed decision for higher education.

Here is some information that I would like to share with young adult chasing an IT career:

  • There are numerous opportunities for higher studies and career choices that one can choose from in IT.
  • It is in everyone’s knowledge that the future relies on technology. So, youngsters need to identify their strengths and interests to make an informed decision regarding the choice for the future. 
  • Students who have passed 12th under the Vocational Education are eligible to pursue various courses such as Certificate courses, Diploma courses, and Bachelor’s Degree courses. Some of them for IT students are:

BE or B.Tech. in Computer Science

BE or B.Tech. in Information Technology

B.Sc. in Information Technology/Computer Science

B.Sc. in Information and Communication Technology

B.Sc. in Information Security

B.Sc. in Data Science

B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor in Robotics

Bachelor of Computer Application

BBA in Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in IT and Networking

Diploma in Information Science

Various Certification Courses in Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Web Security, Application Testing, Software Designing, Multi-media Editing and many more.

Countless colleges, universities and training centres facilitate these courses throughout the country. Public colleges and institutes also provide such facilities. So, not only the gainful but even smart-working young minds belonging to the underprivileged section of our society, too get an equal opportunity to pursue their dream in the IT industry. 

After coming through the idea about numerous prospects for higher studies, some might be asking themself “what are the job roles that I can prepare and apply for once I complete one of these courses?”. I have jotted down some roles that an IT graduate or a diploma holder can seriously look forward to as a career.

Career prospectives of pursuing IT Courses after class 12

  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer 
  • Data Security Officer
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Designer
  • Information Technology Officer
  • Cloud Computing Professional
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photo/Video Editor
  • Social Media Manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Internet Research Specialist
  • SEO Manger
  • App Developer
  • Web and Mobile Application Tester
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Network Administrator

In the end, the message for young adults is if you learn to use the abundant resources available at your fingertips, there are many choices for you to prosper, even if you are not a tech geek.

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